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Steven Michaels and his team at Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films did fantastic work on our Model 3. They installed XPEL XR Plus tint on all windows and Gtechniq ceramic coating. The tint made a huge difference in keeping the car cool, and the coating looks great (water beads off the car so nicely now). I highly recommend giving Steven a call. He also does wraps under King Tutt Graphics.

-David W.

Steven and team are the BEST of the BEST at the most competitive price point around (by a LOT!) These days, it’s so hard to find people like Steven who operate a top-tier business that demonstrates their commitment to integrity & quality, all while maintaining their passion & focus on the customer and outcome. I have now had two vehicles (Tesla Model X & Rivian R1S) done with XPEL Stealth PPF & ceramic coating & tinting. They went above and beyond for me, and I plan to get my Class A motorhome wrapped with them soon as well.

-Alec K.

I had STEK glass panel protection, full-car PPF, tint and ceramic coating done by Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films. The quality of the work done is fantastic. I only wish I would’ve known about these guys sooner, since I’ve paid more for lesser-quality work at other shops in the Triangle. These guys are the best.


If you’re looking for quality and attention to detail, this is your place!! Steven and his team are diligent, talented, honest and devoted to their craft. All questions are thoroughly answered, and they guide you each step of the way. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is like no other! Your happiness is their top priority. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. You won’t be disappointed!!!


I had a great experience working with this shop and the owner. They did an excellent job on my ceramic coating! The paint looks new—no scratches and no swirls. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking to get ceramic coating and tint or any other service they provide.
-Chad M.

They did a great job with Matte PPF, ceramic coating and tinting. Steven and his team are extremely professional in handling every step of this process. They clearly articulated the benefits of each option, helping me decide on the final selection. Also they are very accommodating on any of the change requests and minor fixes. Overall great customer experience. I highly recommend for their professional service.

-Suresh V.

Awesome experience throughout the entire process on my 2022 Bronco. Full XPEL wrap, ceramic coating, and window tint. Steven is very professional, great with communication, and detailed in his explanation of the work. I’m very happy with the final results and will be back for future needs on my vehicles. Thanks again!

-Ben K.

I typically don’t post reviews, but I feel these folks deserve the good feedback. I took my wife’s 2020 Audi S4 in for XPEL paint protection, ceramic coating, and window tinting. From start to finish, it was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. The owner, Steven, was professional and upfront on all costs and expectations. He also kept me in the loop through the whole process. The results were outstanding! If you take pride in your vehicle and don’t want to stress about whether someone is taking great care of your vehicle, these are the folks to do it.

-Dave D.

This business was a pleasure to deal with. They take great care to do the job right and on time. I had the vehicle’s windows tinted (looks great) and front end paint protection film (PPF) done, along with rocker panels. They also put PPF on my rear high spoiler. Steven explained the process and is very professional. Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films has a large shop with all the equipment to do the job right (and always great music playing). With another company they partner with, I had the entire vehicle ceramic coated.

-Thomas S.

Amazing company and wonderful experience. This is my second car with paint protection. I wish I had used them the first time. It will not be the last – I plan to use Steven for my daughter’s new car. They deserve more than 5 stars for the value, quality of work, and professionalism they provide.

-Peter P.

I had the XPEL full frontal PPF package put on my car, and these guys did a great job. From quote to completion, the process was smooth, communication was great, and quality was excellent. I particularly appreciated that Wes did a full walkthrough of the PPF application before AND after the work was done. Thank you!

-Anshu S.

Great pricing and great service. I took my Taurus to Steven & had all five of my windows done within an hour & a half. If you’re looking for a place to get your windows done, this is your place!!!

-Kyle D.

Steven was awesome from start to finish. He helped me decide on which PPF, which tint, ceramic, all that. I was blown away by how awesome the truck looks. He even did some things that were not in the quote. It was easy to see that these guys treat every project like it’s their personal vehicle. Some shops in the area quoted outrageous pricing. The price was very fair. This is not some tint shop that dabbles in PPF. So don’t expect it will be cheap. These guys are serious, and it shows in the quality of the finished product. Professionals. I know where every single one of my cars goes first from now on. I bought a Tesla Y a couple of years ago and decided to skip doing PPF at the time despite all the warnings about the soft Tesla paint. The front clip on that car is peppered after only 35k miles. I should have done at least the front clip on that one when I bought it. Live and learn. If I had known about Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films back then, our Tesla would not need a repaint on the front bumper!! I used to be a detailer, and I still do my own paint correction. I am not easy to impress. Trust me when I say the work is top notch. If you are considering doing PPF, a wrap, tint, or even just ceramic, give them a chance to quote the work. You will see what I mean by fair pricing.

-Jim R.

Great job. After a few months, my car is still shiny and smooth as a whistle. It’s also way easier to clean than after the previous people did the ceramic coating who lied about the layers, and the car was not coated properly. I will be going back to Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films with another ride soon.
-Everette D.

Very professional service. It was nearly a grand less than the competition for a track pack PPF. I was kept up to date every step of the way. Highly recommend.

-Paul A.

Steven and his team did a great job applying full PPF, ceramic coating, and side and rear window tint. They also installed mud flaps for us. They also did a flawless job repairing a paint chip for us. Steven provided timely updates and was super responsive to all of our questions! I highly recommend Steven and his team.

-Lindsey P.

Steven with Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films and his team did a great job with my full-body XPEL STEALTH paint protection film on my 2022 Rivian R1T! They also delivered on time in a very specific time window (when I was away in Europe) at a much better value than the competition at that! Five stars all around!

-Joe A.

I went with Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films for their PPF track package and full ceramic coating for my 2022 C8 Corvette. Steven was very nice to work with from the quote to scheduling, service and finally pick-up. Wes, the installer, was flexible and able to address my change requests after I dropped off my vehicle. I am very pleased with the quality of work done, and their price cannot be beaten. I’ll be going back again. Thanks!

-Joseph K.

Professional. Awesome work. Definitely recommend.

-Janette R.

Steven and crew did an excellent job on my RAV4 Prime! XPEL ULTIMATE PPF was applied to the front of the vehicle and XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coating was applied everywhere. Before finding this place, I compared quotes at almost every shop in Raleigh and almost decided not to do it. Steven won me over with a great price and swift communication.

-Abraham C.

Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films did an amazing job on my car. Granted my Subaru isn’t an exotic, but I am still a car guy, and I like to take good care of all my toys. I researched basically everyone in the Triangle. Osiris is a sister company to King Tutt Graphics, which wraps city buses, work trucks, boats, cars, food trucks, basically anything. There is a reason businesses large and small trust these guys. I figured if they could do vinyl, they could do a clear bra, and I was right. Scheduling was super easy. Everyone was very friendly. Their shop was HUGE and very professional. They kept my car inside during the entire visit. I had to leave it there for 48 hours until I could pick it up, so I really appreciated their willingness to accommodate customers. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about them. Everyone was excellent, and the job was very well done. No funky lines, cuts, blade marks, or damage to my car. When I was researching, people talk about differences between pre-cut and hand-cut. They do use pre-cut, but it goes right up to the edge, if not wraps around in some areas. I was weary of the cut-on-the-car approach because people often complain about razor blade marks in their paint. I didn’t want that. I’m super happy with my decision to go with Osiris. I have one pro tip for anyone who is a first time clear bra purchaser. When you get your car, the film will have some buff marks/dull spots in it. I thought there were two big lines on my hood, for example. I was told to put it in the sun and it will go away. Well wouldn’t ya know it. I put it in the sun for an hour, rubbed the spot, and it was completely gone. So if you see bubbles or smudges, don’t panic. This is a normal part of the process. Trust them when they say put it in the sun. They are the professionals after all.

-Brian S.

Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films quickly responded to my request for an estimate (and follow-up questions), easy to get scheduled, and excellent, high-quality service provided!!

-Amanda L.

Steven was extremely helpful through the whole process. Our Model Y couldn’t look any better. They were helpful, responsive, and the quality was top shelf. Highly recommend!

-Brandon K.

I was looking to get PPF on my 2023 Audi RS7, and Steven and his team did an OUTSTANDING job. Steven is attentive, honest, and best of all, he knows how to communicate. He wanted to make sure I understood all of the different options, how the process works, how to maintain the car and everything else you could possibly think of. It is exactly what I needed and was looking for. From start to finish, Steven and his team were true professionals. They were upfront & honest. They were not trying to sell me something I didn’t need just to make extra money. I can honestly say it was the best customer service & quality experience I have ever had. I will be bringing my other cars to him and only him going forward. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother calling anyone else. Check out Steve and his team, and I am willing to bet you will not be disappointed. Thank you again, Steven and your team, for taking care of my new baby like it was your own. I will be seeing you again soon.

-Craig G.

Very professional company. The process was seamless, and the timelines were respected. They delivered all they said they would and in the timeframe that was promised. I will definitely recommend.


I loved everything about the wrapped job and window tinting from Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films. Communication was super easy. From phone calls to emails or even texting, they were always available to discuss my uncertainties and create transparency during the process. I highly recommend them and will use them in the future for my vehicle needs.

-Lindsey S.

Without much delay, Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films wrapped my Tesla with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. Thanks to Steven for amazing work. Super friendly staff. Steven and team put a lot of effort into what they do, and it shows in the best results. I strongly recommend Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films. The best for place for PPF and ceramic coatings if anyone is looking around the Charlotte/Raleigh areas.

-Parnika N.

I had my vehicle wrapped in XPEL STEALTH PPF, ceramic tint, and ceramic coating for exterior and interior less than a week ago. I am very happy with the finish job so far. I was nervous at first to be honest, but once I picked up the car and looked at it, I was very pleased. The car looks great. I can’t see where any of the PPF ends, so they did a great job hiding everything. They took their time and did not try to rush anything. I definitely recommend this shop. I will be bringing my next new car back to them for more work for sure.

-R. Hen

I just had a really good experience at Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films in Raleigh. I got my Y tinted with XPEL XR plus film to keep the heat down– 70% on the whole roof/trunk, 70% on the backseat windows, 70% on the windshield, and 20% on the driver and passenger windows (I have a DMV medical exemption to make it legal). I can’t say enough. Their shop is beautiful. Getting a quote was easy. Everyone was nice, honest and acted like they wanted my business and took pride in their work. I am not affiliated with them at all, but wanted to share something positive since it is rare to be delighted with a service nowadays.

-James I.

They did a very professional job on my boat window tinting!!!

-Erez H.

Great experience. Quick to respond with a fair price and quick scheduling. The work was done in a timely manner and looks great!

-Brian B.

The owner was very responsive and got me in the next morning for a tint job. Great price. The installer did a great job. He was super friendly, quick, and answered all my questions. Great experience. I highly recommend.

-Mark S.

I took my car in to get my windows tinted and to get a ceramic coating applied. I have a black Dodge Challenger. Tony was a great guy to work with, and I plan to come back. I was a little frustrated because they were super busy, and it took a little longer then I had anticipated. That said, after I saw my car, it was worth the wait. A lesser man would have cried when he saw his car. I highly recommend them, and I will be bringing my car back in the future to get some red racing stripes.

-Brian D.

I just picked up my car from Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films. It looks beautiful! Steven and his crew did a fine job with the XPEL, including a tricky front end, as well as with window tint and ceramic coating. Steven was great to work with, responsive, and flexible on timing for drop-off and pick-up. Also, Osiris’ pricing is highly competitive and represents a great value. I highly recommend!

-Albert W.