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How Auto Paint Protection Film Works

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Auto paint protection film is a revolutionary product that has changed the way we safeguard our vehicles. From the name, it’s easy to guess that auto paint protection film acts as a shield against the elements, but have you ever wondered how a protective film works? If so, read on to learn a bit more about how auto paint protection film can protect your vehicle.

How Auto Paint Protection Film Works

The Core Principles

Auto paint protection film is made from thermoplastic urethane film. The film is designed to be virtually undetectable, so you won’t even know it’s there until you need it. When road debris kicks up and hits your vehicle, the film acts as a buffer between the vehicle and the debris. The film absorbs the impact of the debris, but because it’s made of urethane, it can bounce back and regain its shape, restoring the smooth, flawless surface you want.

Auto paint protection film safeguards your vehicle from outdoor elements and helps prevent common road damage, including:

  • Rock Chips – Auto paint protection film absorbs the brunt of the impact from debris like rocks, gravel, and sand to prevent the underlying paint from suffering damage.
  • Scratches – Many types of auto paint protection film have self-healing properties that help minor scratches disappear. After a minor scratch, the film simply needs to be exposed to sunlight or mild heat, and the scratches will fade away, restoring a flawless finish.
  • UV Rays – Most auto paint protective film provides UV protection, helping block harmful rays and prevent fading and discoloration.

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