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Window Safety Film, Durham, NC

Window safety film is a durable protect designed to reduce the risk of break-ins through the windows.

The security of your home or business is likely a major priority for you. Preventing theft or even the risk of break-ins can give you peace of mind and help you feel more relaxed. There are many ways to improve the security of a building, such as adding stronger locks, installing a security system, or even adding lights to dark areas on the property. While these are all important and useful, it’s also important to consider the windows and how to prevent them from being penetrated. A window is often seen as an easy access point to a criminal who wants to break into a space.

Window Safety Film in Durham, North Carolina

At Osiris Paint Protection & Window Film, we can add an extra layer of security to the windows of your Durham, North Carolina home or business. We work with local clients to install window safety film, which is a durable protect designed to reduce the risk of break-ins through the windows. Similar to the film used to tint windows, window safety film holds broken glass together, preventing someone from coming through the opening and gaining access to the space even if the window is broken. When properly installed by our experienced technicians, window safety film is sealed to the frame so even force will not allow the window to break completely.

We also provide window safety film with added benefits, such as UV protection or decorative elements. You can take advantage of the security benefits while enhancing the energy efficiency of your interior or even adding some aesthetic appeal.

At Osiris Paint Protection & Window Films, we offer window safety film for customers in the Triangle and Wake County, including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Burlington, Charlotte, and Morrisville; Johnston County, including Clayton and Smithfield; and the rest of North Carolina, plus all surrounding states, including South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.